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Science is everywhere. Science is everything. According to, the definition of science is "systematic knowledge of the physical or material would gained through observation and experimentation". This means when ever you have a question and you find your answer and gain knowledge through using your five senses and by analyzing you are doing and learning science.

Science Fields
In Science their are many fields, including three main branches. These three main branches are life science, physical science, and earth science. All of these branches of science have many fields within them. The fields in life science include medicine, botany, zoology, and genetics. The fields in physical science include astronomy, physics, and chemistry. The fields of earth science include oceanography, geology, meteorology, and paleontology. The science fields that interest me are genetics, zoology, astronomy, chemistry, physics, oceanography, geology, meteorology, and paleontology. What science fields interest you? You can answer in the google form below.

What Do We Wonder About
Science is all about wondering, forming a question, and finding the answer by analyzing and using your senses. I wonder about why the sky is blue. I did some research and found out that the sky is blue because the sun scatters blue light molecules in the air. What do you wonder about? You can answer in the google form below.

Single-Use and Plogging
On the website Collin's Dictionary the word of the year is single-use. According to  Collin's Dictionary single-use means, "made to be used once only". The word single-use is used to describe plastic bags and items similar to plastic that are bad for the world because they are only supposed to be used once before being throne out. These single-use items should be banned because they are a part of a big downfall to the world and spread pollution. Plastic is a single-use item. It has caused pollution in are oceans which is a danger to animals. Animals can die from eating plastic or other trash in the ocean. Some people might think it is the animal's fault, but it is not it is our fault. It is our fault because we are the ones that made the plastic. Plastic is a man made product, so it is our fault that the plastic we make gets throne away and put into our oceans. If you do not made the product of plastic your fault too because people like you and me buy plastic and throw away plastic. By people buying plastic it has become in higher demand and more and more plastic has be made. How do we stop this? The first thing we can do is buy less single-use products. Other things we can do is recycle and pick up trash. When we pick out trash it will not go in the ocean and the animals will not eat the plastic and or other single-use products that will hurt them.

How to do Plogging
Here are the steps to do plogging.

  1. Go jogging.
  2. As you jog look for trash.
  3. Find trash.
  4. Pick up trash.
  5. Jog to a trash can and throw out trash.
  6. Keep jogging.
  7. Repeat these steps as a cycle.
The steps above will help you to do plogging. Plogging can help your community. You can keep the community cleaner by plogging. By plogging you pick up trash which will make it so less trash will end up in the ocean and animals will be more safe.

What Does My Community Do To Help The Environment?
To help the environment my community recycles. My family and I collect plastic bottles and recycle them.  There is a recycling center in my community. What does your community do to help the environment?  You can answer in the google form below.

There are lots of amazing science videos. Today I am going to show you a very cool science video. It is about something we do everyday. To watch the video click here.

As you know from watching the video, the video is about why we sweat and how we sweat. Answer the google form quiz below to see how much you know. You may use the video as a resource to help you.

A-Z Science Words
A is for astronomy
B is for botany
C is for chemistry
D is for data
E is for earth science
F is for "fossil"
G is for genetics
H is for "hypothesis"
I is for "immunology"
J is for "Jupiter"
K is for "Kuiper Belt"
L is for life science
M is for medicine
N is for "[n]ucleus"
O is for oceanography
P is for physics
Q is for "quantum mechanics"
R is for recycle
S is for "scientist"
T is for "test tube"
U is for "[u]niverse"
V is for "volcanology"
W is for "weather"
X is for "[x]-ray"
Y is for "[y]ield"
Z is for zoology

Two Truths and a Lie
I am going to write two truths and a lie involving science. Can you guess the lie.
Here are the three options:

  • One cell is how every human begins.
  • A cell divides into two son cells.
  • Meiosis and mitosis are the ways that cells divide.

Sources that got me my information for this post include:, Fact Monster, math.ucr.eduCollin's Dictionary, TedEd, Enchanted Learning, Science Glossary, Answers
The information I cited from these sources are in quotes in the following post.
Thank you for reading my post.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

We Are All the Same, But at the Same Time Different

There are Two Types of People
We are all human, but no human looks the same or acts the same. We are all special in our own way. Through the Student Blogging Challenge, I found this awesome website called 2 Kinds Of People. This website shows how different people are and how many different kinds of people there are. On the website there are pictures of different types of people. It shows how different kinds of people do things like reading a book or drawing.
I made my own picture about two types of people.

In this picture I made I show that there are two types of people, people that take bath and people that take showers. Which type of person are you? Answer this question in the google form below.

Getting to Know You the Reader
Hello reader. I want to get to know you. On most blogs the blogger writes and the reader reads, but I want to know about you. I am curious about our similarities and differences. Please fill out this google form, so I can get to know you.

I compared myself and my friend Tracy to see our similarities and differences.

In the diagram above I compare myself to my friend Tracy. The green cycle is me(Morgan) and the pink cycle is my friend Tracy. As you can see, Tracy and I have many similarities and differences.

Book Review
When I read a book the main character that is telling the story is usually very different from me. I recently read a book called The Great Wall of Lucy Wu.  It was an amazing book about a American-Chinese girl. She has to go through the challenges of being American and Chinese. At the begin of the story she thinks she is going to have a perfect year, but that all changes when Lucy's great aunt comes to town. Lucy is so set on having her year just the way she wants it that she doesn't always look at the possibility of change being good. Will Lucy have the perfect year? Read this awesome heart warming book to find out.

Do you have a favorite book? Write what it is in the comments and if the main character is similar or different than you.

Music brings people together. People like all different kinds of music. Answer this google form about your favorite music. 
My favorite kind of music is rock and roll. I love to listen to Queen, Coldplay, and Green Day. I like these music groups because they play fun songs that I love to listen to.

Thank you so much for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed.


Science is everywhere. Science is everything. According to , the definition of science is "systematic knowledge of the p...